G-OnRamp provides multiple deployment options. G-OnRamp Virtual Machine Image is for small-scale local instances, best for experimentation with smaller datasets. Amazon AMI image for EC2 is for production-scale instances when local computational resources are insufficient for data processing needs.

  • Install G-OnRamp virtual machine image

download G-OnRamp virtual machine image


  • Start a G-OnRamp server with CloudLaunch

CloudLaunch is a web application that provides a quick, user-friendly interface for launching pre-configured G-OnRamp AMI

CloudLaunch deployment


Supporting software

  • Nginx is a reverse proxy to nginx for better throughput when using galaxy frontend
  • Postgres is a performant database application
  • Proftpd allows for large data transfers
  • Tomcat is used to serve Apollo more efficiently
  • Uwsgi is a performant server application that nginx reverse-proxies to that runs the Galaxy python application